Project Developments, Residential and Commercial Real Estates

We are focused on the acquisition and composition of sustainable real estate investments as strategic portfolios, which are suitable for both the own inventory and the commercialization to investors.

A further focus is the project development of residential and commercial real estates.

Corporate Strategy

The initiators Eric Mozanowski and Hans Wittmann founded the company in June 2014. Our main focus of acquisition is not only the sector of Germany’s core locations, but also attractive B and C locations, which show a positive possibility for development.
Here, we are following three business segments:

  • Acquisition and composition of profitable portfolios of residential and commercial real estates and resale to institutional investors after optimization of the portfolios.
  • Acquisition of profitable individual property as well as portfolios of residential and commercial real estates for the purpose of accumulating an own risk minimized inventory and also privatization of residential portfolio.
  • Acquisition and realization of project developments for the own inventory as well as for sale. Acquisition of land plots, obtaining of the building rights, sale of project developments or turnkey properties.

Portfolio properties, which are suitable for privatization of apartments

Acquisition of residential complexes and portfolios with the focus of residential real estates in good micro-locations and with good infrastructure, together with the implementation of the necessary modernization and maintenance measure as well as the structuring of ensuing selling processes.
Properties, which are suitable for the classic ‘en-bloc’ sale after they’d been optimized

Acquisition of real estates with development perspective. Implementation of the necessary modernization and maintenance measures, rise of the potential for rent increase, in particular after implementing modernization measures.
Project development, building plots in large cities and B-locations, which are suitable for sustainable project plannings of residential and commercial properties.

This also includes the development of special real estates such as student residences and retirement homes. The realization of these projects preferably takes place in Berlin and Frankfurt a. Main and the respective catchment areas.