Mezzanine Financing and Bond Issues

  • The Grounds Real Estate AG has been working for many years with successful institutional investors, private investors and well-known banks. Flexible financing facilities for the acquisition of real estate investments can be realized very prompt.
  • Furthermore, the reaction speed can be increased by converting the capital into bonds, within the scope of decreasing the acces times for the acquisition of real estates.
  • The capital commitment in already existing highly profitable portfolios can be substituted by bonds. With the increase of the herewith free equity ratio a quicker access time on attractive real estates offered on the market will be enabled.
  • With the earnings of our business segment of ‘reselling optimized real estate portfolios to private and institutional investors’ we generate additional equity capital to accumulate our own stockpiling, which is made available for mezzanine financing of co-investments.

Co- Investment

  • Besides the realization of own projects, The Grounds Real Estate plc operates in project developments also as co-investor in order to exploit opportunities and diversify the own (project-) portfolio. Co-investments can either be designed as a share and joint venture respectively or as a mezzanine tranche. During the structuring of co-investments The Grounds Real Estate works close together with the BF.direkt AG plc, a leading independent expert for financing residential and commercial real estate projects in Germany.