Blue Towers in Frankfurt Niederrad

„Transformation of two office towers into micro-apartments“


Frankfurt-Niederrad is close to the city and evolves from an office district to ‚urban living‘, a modern combination of living and working. More than 300 bright and modern accomodations are realized in the Blue Towers. Especially 1 and 2 room apartments, which are offered on request as furnished partly or fully.

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On the ground floor there are constructed gastronomical offerings and retail shops. A two-storey underground garage offers more than 400 parking facilities. The completion is planned for mid-2019.


Student Living in Halle – Germany

„Stuctural restoration of a historic listed building into student living“


A five-storey building, which is protected as a historic monument (year of construction 1894-1904) in the city centre of Halle. The property is going to be restructured and modified into a micro-apartment building with approx. 240 units. Additionally, areas for meetings, workshops and recreational activities are developed. The preliminary building application is approved, the final completion is planned for the end of 2018.


Nursing Home in Halle

„New Construction of a Nursing Home in the City Centre of Halle“

The five-storey property is going to be realized as a nursing home with a well-known operating company. For the running and the operation of the property, approx. 60 units suitable for special care and old-age living requirements are developed together with respective ancillary spaces.

Currently the property is at the stage of obtaining the building permit. The start of construction is planned for the end of 2017.